10 October 2008

Two Boys

So today, after a fun morning at the apple orchard, Gra-Moo (Rand's mom's grandmotherly name, as her last name is Holstein) left to head back to California. Both of our moms have been a tremendous help the last 3 weeks as we've transitioned to a family of 4. Thank you so much to both of you!

Rand had to speak somewhere this evening, so this was Mommy's first evening home alone with both boys. I must say we had a splendid evening together full of alphabet blocks, 3-D glasses, and some nice snuggling on the couch while we watched a few minutes of some random Qubo cartoon about a tap-dancing horse. Splendid, that is, until we began to get ready for bed.

Trey had been quite agreeable about cleaning up his toys and getting PJs on, and when I asked him if he wanted to try to go on the potty he surprisingly said yes (it's normally more a challenge to encourage him to try). We ran, him diaper-less, to the bathroom, and he quickly ran back to the living room to put his toy on the coffee table. I went to retrieve him after only a few more seconds to find him sweetly saying, "I went pee-pee on this (pointing to brother sitting in the bouncy seat), and this (pointing to the rug), and this (the floor)..." You get the picture. Ah! What foreshadowing is this, I wonder, of my life to come?!

So, an hour and a half later, both precious boys are bathed (by necessity, after the incident), pajama-d, and sleeping in their beds. And I thought I should share (and save) this story by posting it here, which incidentally is helping me procrastinate cleaning up the mess from you-know-who. I must attend to that now, but hopefully I'll be able to post some pictures from this morning soon.

As Trey likes to say lately, cheers.

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Valentine said...

Yikes-sounds like you have your hands full :) I was cracking up reading this and had to share it with my mom as this is the kind of stuff my brothers used to do!