13 November 2007

October Fun

Trey and his buddy Simon are game for anything when there are treats and a camera's involved!

Trey and Lydia were nice and took their moms to the farmers market.

We had a great time on Trey's first trip to the aquarium...until that mean stingray floated up the glass right in front of Trey's face. He held tight on to mom & dad after that but was happy to find his favorite animal floating around there...a duck! The turtles and the fish weren't so bad, either.

We had a great time at Ben & Emily's wedding. Trey loved hanging out with the big kids and especially loved shaking his tail on the dance floor!

Haircut! Trey had a fabulous time getting his first haircut (if you don't count the snips mom had given him on the back porch previously) and he's been telling EVERYONE about it since!

04 November 2007

Meeting Maggie in Michigan, October 2007

Trey and Aimee decided to make a special trip to Michigan since his new buddy Maggie was going to be in town for a visit. Trey got to spend a special day with Grandma while Mom went to the Michigan game with Grandpa, and then had fun going in the (not-so-hot) hot tub with Grandpa at night!

A fall-time visit to Franklin Cider Mill is a must! Trey loved the donuts just like his mom.

Grandma & Grandpa with Trey and his pumpkin...

Meeting Magnolia Jolie...a beautiful name for a beautiful baby!

03 November 2007

Random September Photos

Trey liked checking out the police horsies at the block party with his buddy Samuel.


31 October 2007

Apple Picking! September, 2007

Back to County Line Orchard in Indiana for Trey's second year of apple picking...he was a little more involved in the process this year and could even eat the apples before they were turned into pureed applesauce :)

Pumpkins (or "balls" as Trey calls them)

And a fun visit from Uncle Joe later in the day!