13 November 2007

October Fun

Trey and his buddy Simon are game for anything when there are treats and a camera's involved!

Trey and Lydia were nice and took their moms to the farmers market.

We had a great time on Trey's first trip to the aquarium...until that mean stingray floated up the glass right in front of Trey's face. He held tight on to mom & dad after that but was happy to find his favorite animal floating around there...a duck! The turtles and the fish weren't so bad, either.

We had a great time at Ben & Emily's wedding. Trey loved hanging out with the big kids and especially loved shaking his tail on the dance floor!

Haircut! Trey had a fabulous time getting his first haircut (if you don't count the snips mom had given him on the back porch previously) and he's been telling EVERYONE about it since!

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Valentine said...

That is one cute kid-I love the dancing photo!