03 September 2008

Labor Day Weekend

Trey & Mommy got to go for a visit to Ann Arbor to stay with Joe & Kimmy. Mommy got to go to the Michigan game (which they unfortunately lost), while Trey got to stay home and play with Grandma. He cheered along, though. Hopefully we'll have more pictures up soon of our trip to Domino's Farms that morning as well, and Trey's first pony ride!

Daddy set up Trey's pool in the backyard for some end of summer swimming!

On Labor Day, we went to the beach with our friends Keith & Claudia (Aimee's college roommate). Daddy made a fish in the sand for Trey.
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Angela Kim said...

Elliot and I love looking at your blog. And pictures on picassa! Here are Elliot's comments:

"Swimming pool!"
"I see Elmo!"
"I see Doggy."
"I see Trey and Rand" (no joke. ok, so I did mention Rand's name.)

Thanks for your posts...also thanks for calling me on my birthday--i had no reception but was glad to have a bday message :)